The Aquatic Monsters Site


A scientific look at the unknown large animals of river, lake and sea.




How many unknown large aquatic animals await discovery by science?


Where might these animals be found?


What might these animals be?


All these questions are open to scientific scrutiny, estimation and possible solution. Ecological theory, statistical induction and a few assumptions about the nature of human knowledge allow the probability of discovery and the nature of unknown aquatic animals to be predicted.



This site details some of my work looking at the evidence for the existence of unknown large aquatic animals, monsters, for want of a better term. I am interested in evaluating the evidence for such animals by the application of novel but strictly scientific methods. My current interests are in discovery curves for large marine animals and epistemological issues in considering anomalous events supported only by anecdotal data. Details of my papers can be found on the references page.




Predicting Aquatic Monsters















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